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Expert In:  Portraits, Busts, Fullfigure, Religious statues, Antiques, Decorative figures in Metal, Marble, Synthetic marble,  FRP moulding and casting

About the Artist:

Deepak Saswadkar has over 25 years of experience in all kinds of sculpture creation. He has created more than five hundred different kinds of realistic and modern sculptures. Most of the works are  figurative and his main medium for sculpting is clay. He has successfully completed many figurative artistic  private commission work in the UK and in India . It includes large commission commercial  sculptures in bronze metal  for the Government of India . His sculptures are in collections with groups, society and individuals. He has  participated in various Art  Exhibitions honoured and awarded by amenent famous  personalities. His artistic works and news have been published in national news publications. 

His work ranges from 20 ft. height horse to life-size sculpture in  bronze. He is a master in transforming  his creation of sculpturing in metal, marble, wax, fiberglass, resin and plaster . He has crafted in miniature sculpture for jewellery in metal (silver) and proficient expert in clay modeling in life like facial expression with anatomical figures in wax. He has a capacity to convert  clay into perfect real life models full of expression.

Deepak has worked and contributed through his creation to world famous studios, waxworks and art manufacturing firms. He is always open for challenging new projects and his artistic works are currently on public display.

His sculptures are full of character with emotions, expressions and very life like models in wax . His portfolio includes animal and human sculptures in  lifesize, double lifesize with full figure, busts, antiques, religious statues in bronze metal, marble, cement, wood. People are often depicting him as a creative individual within all environments as his creative works are also related to fantasy and science fiction.

'We are available to create a custom model and sculptures for you as per your requirement'.



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